Makota_swim is basic  brand founded in 2015.
The minimalist swimwear  arising from the need for simplicity with a good fit to the body. Timeless swimsuits and bikinis made with quick dry, super soft 100% recycled polyamide fabrics. Makota_swim  is part of the “slow fashion” movement and offers an alternative to fast, throwaway fashion by offering swimming costumes which are ethically produced, timeless and eternally stylish. 

Mix or match to find your individual fit and style. All sewn with love in Poland from the highest quality Italian materials. We don’t use any plastic to pack our products.

In 2019, we began the journey toward a more sustainable and ethical way of producing our swimwear. We refer to this process as a journey because as we progress down this path, we realise there is always more to learn and endless possibilities to evolve. We would like our core committed to sustainability, that means making classic high-quality garments that can be worn season after season.

Recycled Polyamide

Our swimwear range is made of a high quality polyamide fabric blend. The polyamide is made of recycled plastic waste found in the oceans. Since it is recycled, there is not much strain on the environment and people working with it. The fabric that we use is all certified.

The end result is premium quality Makota swimwear that is not only beautiful but sustainable and good for your soul.

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