Girl — we love

Mireia Llanes

  1. Where do you live?

I’m from Valencia but I move to Barcelona.

  1. What inspires you?

The sun inspires me, like a walk on the beach in winter our abath in the middle of the ocean, in summer.
The jazz that my boyfriend does inspired me too. It leaves my mind blanck.

  1. Your style in one word.


  1. why sustainable? I try to wear second hand clothes,
    I try to have the closet with few but good clothes. I had a vintage store, so I have dresses and jeans of very good qualities. Why sustainable? For the planet, we don’t need more and more and more.
  2. Favourite vacation destination?

Anywhere is a good destination. I love travel but I always go back to the same places when I feel like home: Berlin and Mallorca.

  1. Favourite summer memory.

Summer memory… All!

  1. What makes you happy?

Traveling makes me happy. Friends make me happy, I need they a lot.
Sometimes I love to do one film analog and when I go to the store to pick up the photos, it makes me happy.

  1. Your summer rituals.

My summer rituals is sleeping naked, not looking at the clock, eating watermelon and staining your hair, playing shovels, and many things.

  1. Music , films, books 😉

“Las Margaritas” of Věra Chytilová [1], “Pierrot le fou” of Godard, any movie of Truffaut. I like quiet music like Jeanette.

  1. Sentence for live?

Live with less.

Thank you Mireia XXX